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»Thousand cities«

Well, a big interclass movement. The class of the proletarian was totally absent. A faint hint of social polarization which has opposed those who are or believe they are against capitalism and those who lie more or less comfortably in it by using all its political, trade unionist, parliamentarist, and democratical categories. A good dose of bourgeois hysteria due to simple and unmistakable fear. Nothing to really worry the apparatus of the ruling class, except for the scary (to them) extending of the protests and its global network organization. In the background of a society which no longer works, the redeeming, proverbial, corrupting crumbs of the feast have runned out.


The era of riots (update)



»I dont call it a riot, I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people«


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II. ICT – Riots in Britain – The Fruit of Forty Years of Capitalist Crisis

»The transitional phase of the crisis: The era of riots«


»The expulsion of labor-power value from the reproduction cycle of capital, the continuous devaluation, and the destruction of variable capital that dominates the crisis so far, defined the context of the suicide of a young Tunisian with no future. At the same time, the effectiveness that this suicide had on class struggle confirmed that we are now in a transitional period of this crisis – in the era of riots. […] By ‘riots’ we mean struggles for demands or struggles without demands that will take violent forms and will transform the urban environments into areas of unrest; the riots are not revolution, even the insurgency is not revolution, although it may be the beginning of a revolution.«

Eine exzellente Analyse zur aktuellen Phase der globalen kapitalistischen Krise und Dynamik der sich intensivierenden Klassenkämpfe (einschließlich ihrer Grenzen), die als Ergänzung zu diesem Text gelesen werden kann:


Updates from the first day of the General Strike in Athens, June 28


[Friday, June 24, 2011]

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