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The Chinese Working Class in the Global Capitalist Crisis


Loren Goldner – Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today: China and Permanent Revolution


»The Global Reserve Army of Labor and the New Imperialism«


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Communisation [I]


What Is Communisation?

Crisis And Communisation

The Historical Production Of The Revolution Of The Current Period

How One Can Still Put Forward Demands When No Demands Can Be Satisfied

The ‘Indignados’ Movement In Greece

The Present Moment

The Suspended Step Of Communisation

On The Periodisation Of The Capitalist Class Relation

»Grey September« etc.

The Planetary War of the United States of America

Grey September [libcom/prole/deutschsprachige Version]

Global War for the World Order [libcom/bastardarchive]

Der Krieg gegen Afghanistan

Wildcat-Sonderheft zum Krieg, März 2003 [PDF]
Zu den Anschlägen in den USA und zum Krieg