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- TPTG: Open Letter to the British internationalist/anti-authoritarian/activist/protest/street scenes (and to all those concerned with the progress of our enemies)

- TPTG: Second Open Letter to those concerned with the progress of our enemies (including some necessary clarifications and refutations of the cop consultant’s defence team’s claim)

- Samotnaf: Aufheben’s Crowd Controlling Cop Consultant: The Strange Case Of Dr. Johnny And Mr. Drury

Insurgent Notes IV

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Issue 4
August 2011

In This Issue

Anti-Imperialism and the Iranian Revolution

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Taksim Is Not Tahrir- Yet
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On Egypt
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On Tunisia
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The Arab Revolts and the Cage of Political Economy
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The Murder of the Mon Valley
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Of Forest and Trees Part Two
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Report from Spain: On the May 15th Movement
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Theses for Discussion
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More on Madison
Letter From Paris


The most radical democrats seek to establish what they call real or direct democracy, which they say will bring all socially occurring phenomena within the scope of the proposed popular assembly. In one bound they forget, in that endless oscillation that is chronic to the left, the objective influence of big money on the solutions they propose even after their own efforts to point out the specifics of such instances as examples of the problem of the present. […] Radical and direct democrats seem ever-doomed to forget that the form society takes is not finally determined by public opinion, but by the ownership of property. The surface of opinions and of subjective values, even if regimented into a mass movement, are no opposition at all to the force of property ownership. Such movements press the button marked “have your say,” but it is connected to nothing, they are “making themselves heard” down the phone but the line is cut, they are “standing up for what’s right” but their feet are in quicksand. The petitions and lobbyings and protests and pressurings are so many open doors to empty rooms.
The labyrinth of participation turns out to be a fetish of alienated consciousness, “getting involved” is specially designed to convince the unwary that their concern is special, that this time they‘re really making headway against all precedence of the circumlocution office, and that really, really change is very close now, ah but they aren‘t and it isn‘t — and if, as the radicals have diagnosed, this democracy is one sign of a fundamental economic alienation then it would be a strange medicine indeed that recommended its treatment by means of a blanket application of its symptom.